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Jeronimos Monastery | UNESCO World Heritage site

Built over a century starting in 1501, the Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon is a stunning example of Portuguese architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site took a hundred years to complete. It represents the age of discovery, a time when most of the world was unknown. Funded by King Manuel I, it housed Hieronymite monks who prayed for sailors' safety on voyages. Decorated with maritime motifs, the monastery reflects Portugal's maritime history.

Things to know before booking your Jeronimos Monastery tickets

  • Entry to the Church is free for Portugal residents on Sundays and public holidays, but we recommend visiting through the week to avoid the huge crowds. 
  • The Jeronimos Monastery remains closed on Monday, 1st January, Easter Sunday, 1st May, and 25th December. The Monastery is closed between 9:30am and 1pm on October 24th and December 5th.
  • The Jeronimos Monastery is partially wheelchair accessible for guests with reduced mobility, as the lower level has wheelchair access but some sections are cobblestoned.
  • Wheelchairs can be rented at the entrance to the monastery.
  • Please note that you need an Android (version 5.0+) or iOS smartphone for the audio tour at the monastery. It won't work on Windows Phones, older iPhones/iPads/iPods.
  • The Jeronimos Monastery has a strict dress code, off-shoulder tops, dresses, and knee-high shorts are not recommended.

Why visit Jeronimos Monastery?

Why Visit Jeronimos Monastery
  • Icon of the Age of Discovery: The monastery has several motifs of maritime equipment that was discovered during naval expeditions.
  • Tombs of Renowned Figures:  Jeronimos Monastery has tombs of Portuguese royalty and eminent personalities like Luis de Camoes, Alexandre Herculano, Vasco Da Gama, Fernando Pessoa, and others. 
  • Beautiful Architecture: Though primarily Manueline, this monastery contains various architectural styles as it was constructed over a period of 100 years. There are traces of Mannerist, Renaissance, Spanish Renaissance ‘plateresque’ work, and even late Gothic architecture, characterized by intricate detailing, ornate motifs, and maritime themes.
  • Dynastic Symbolism: See the symbolic motifs including the armillarium, coat-of-arms, and the cross from the Order of Christ, reflecting Portugal's dominance as a major maritime force during the Age of Exploration.

Which Jeronimos Monastery ticket is best for you?

Jeronimos Monastery Entry Ticket

Self-guided tours

Duration: Flexible Duration
Suited for: History enthusiasts

Why go for it?

  • Visit Jeronimos Monastery, one of Lisbon's top attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds significant historical importance in Portuguese culture and history.
  • The Jeronimos Monastery serves as the final resting place for other notable Portuguese figures, including King Sebastiao, poet Luís de Camões and contains the tomb of Vasco da Gama.
  • You can also learn about the Hieronymite Order, the religious order that occupied the monastery, and its significance in Portuguese history and culture.
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Jeronimos Monastery combo tour

Combo tours

Duration: Flexible Duration
Suited for: Budget travelers

Why go for it?

  • Budget travelers can access multiple top attractions in Lisbon at a discounted rate compared to buying individual tickets for each site separately.
  • By choosing this option you get to experience the city's heritage without breaking the bank.
  • You have the flexibility to choose between attractions such as Jeronimos Monastery, Belem Tower, St. George’s Castle, National Museum of Contemporary Art + National Museum of Ancient Art and Pena Palace, depending on your interests.

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Plan your visit to Jeronimos Monastery

Opening Hours
Getting There
Visitor tips

Jeronimos Monastery
  • Church Entrance: This entrance is located on the right side of the monastery, facing Praça Afonso de Albuquerque. It is for visitors who are only interested in seeing the church. Entrance to the church is free of charge.
  • Cloister Entrance: This entrance is located on the left side of the monastery, facing Jardim da Praça do Império. It is for visitors who want to see the cloister, the church, and other parts of the monastery. There is a fee to enter the cloister and other parts of the monastery.
Facilities Available in the Jeronimos Monastery
  • Photography: You are allowed to click pictures inside the Jeronimos Monastery without flash and heavy video equipment like tripods and monopods are not allowed. 
  • Restrooms: The Jeronimos Monastery has restrooms in the Cloister area behind the cash registers. 
  • Accessibility Measures: The Church, Monastery, and the lower levels of the Cloister are wheelchair-accessible. There are also ramps and elevators available.
Jeronimos Monastery

There are several cafes near the monastery 

  • Pasteis de Belem: Known for its sweet custard tarts. These flaky tarts were first created by the monks in Jeronimos Monastery.
  • La Follia De Belém: A 3-minute walk from the Jerónimos Monastery, the La Follia de Belém restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant serves Italian cuisine and is vegetarian-friendly. 
  • Pão Pão Queijo Queijo: Pão Pão Queijo Queijo is a reasonably priced restaurant that is within walking distance from the Jerónimos Monastery. Their menu includes delicious pitas, baguettes, and salads.
  • Taberna Dos Ferreiras: With a great location and vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, the Taberna dos Ferreiras serves Mediterranean, European and Portuguese cuisine. Located within walking distance of the Jerónimos Monastery.
Tips to Note When Visiting Jeronimos Monastery

Beyond Jeronimos Monastery

Belem Tower
St. George's Castle
Pena Palace

Frequently asked questions about Jeronimos Monastery tickets

Do I need to book my Jeronimos Monastery tickets in advance?

 While it's not mandatory to book in advance, it's recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to avoid long queues at the ticket office.

Is there a time limit for visiting Jeronimos Monastery with a ticket?

There is no time limit for visiting once you have entered with your ticket. However, it's advisable to check your ticket terms and conditions for any specific restrictions. 

Can I cancel my Jeronimos Monastery tickets?

These tickets can’t be cancelled. However, they are valid for an extended period of time. Please check your ticket for further details.

Can I take photos inside Jeronimos Monastery?

Photography is allowed inside Jeronimos Monastery for personal use. However, flash photography and tripods are prohibited.

Can I bring pets with me when visiting Jeronimos Monastery?

With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed inside Jeronimos Monastery.

Can I visit Jeronimos Monastery with children?

Yes, Jeronimos Monastery welcomes visitors of all ages, including children. However, parents or guardians are advised to supervise their children closely, especially in areas with historic artifacts or delicate decorations.

Are there any restrictions on bringing bags or luggage into Jeronimos Monastery?

 While small bags and backpacks are allowed inside Jeronimos Monastery, large bags, suitcases, or bulky items are restricted. It's recommended to travel light and only bring essentials.